Put an egg on it (its the most fun to say when you think of the Portlandia skit "put a bird on it")

One of my favorite toppings isn't really a topping. It's an egg. Or two. Usually a bright orange yolky egg. It's only rival is Greek yogurt in my opinion, but I usually get past that battle by combining their forces into something amazing.

Black bean burgers (or a meaty burger back when I was eating those) are made magical with the incredible, edible egg.

Salads, any salad is made even better with a super runny egg. Who needs dressing?

Tex-mex food - whatever that may be. Egg.

Mushrooms. It's like they were made for each other.

I love my veggies, and I no longer eat meat. But the egg and I are wonderful friends. Until I eat it, then it's gone so we're not exactly friends anymore. Free range organic of course - because yolk should be traffic cone orange. Freal.

Case in point:
Black bean patties topped with my little friends. This is where combining the greek yogurt equals amazaballs. Best breakfast ever.
Black bean bulgar burger (say that 5 times fast) with a portabella and sunny runny. On spinach because I have Popeye pipes. (Or want, one or the other)
My lunch today: dandelion greens topped with black rice (another major obsession), tex mex-y goodness and guess what else?

04/12/2013 11:15am

I think there is somebody that rivals me when it comes to eggs. I think they belong on everything as well.

I will never forget my first egg on a burger. I was in Spain and ordered off the menu and when it arrived I was stunned. What was this concoction I thought, but when I sunk my teeth into it a revelation was born. Put An Egg On It (Beyonce's put a ring on it!) and I was in heaven.

I get my eggs directly from the chicken. A friend of mine volunteers at a farm and she picks me up fresh eggs almost twice per week. The colors of the shells are green, blue, white, brown and all are gorgeous. The yolk is unlike any color you have ever seen in an egg and that makes it all the better.


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