Obviously I love food. But one thing that makes food even better is enjoying it in the sunshine. And while spring is technically here I haven't been able to do much of that until this week.

Today I ate my lunch on my backyard patio. My work schedule has me home every day for lunch (I work 2-10 pm) which I love. It means I can make big, veggieful (it's a word) meals everyday that I never tire of. I had a salad I made which was kind of a spin on the Classic Cobb. Chock full of veggies, it also included the obligatory egg and avocado, although this was topped with my new fave: coconut bacon.
I'm maybe more than slightly addicted to the coconut bacon (which I feel tastes nothing like bacon) and I may just eat it straight out of the Tupperware container I put it in after making it last week. Maybe.

Regardless of what meal it is, I feel like its better when eaten in the sun. So I just may be spending every single lunch on that patio until the snow returns (which hopefully isn't until the actual winter).

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