I'm not much for sleep. I hate taking naps. I always feel like I'm missing something. I've been known to sleep in but only after staying up late (as in 4 am late). Once I'm up I'm up and it takes a Mack truck to knock me out enough for an afternoon nap.

In the past I couldn't drink coffee, or really any caffeine for fear that I would get jittery and shakey. Friends would give me espresso for 'fun', basically I would act like a meth addict minus the bad teeth and facial sores. But when I hit 30 something changed.

I still fight sleep like the plague. And I continue to have a hard time sitting still. But caffeine and I have slowly become friends. It all started with this:

I discovered this gem at Trader Joe's and got myself hooked. It doesn't help that this is seasonal so I have to hoard it like a weirdo in order to make it last through the year.

In an effort to stretch that goodness I decided to ration it and allow other teas into my life.
This is actually an old picture of my crack drawer. Add 5 or so more boxes and you're getting close.

Then I thought, "well if tea is so wonderful just maybe coffee and I could be friends". And since I don't do anything half assed I just had to make sure I had the best type of coffee there is.
My goodness, the French Press is good.

And so, here I am-hopped up on caffeine. I don't get as high as I did back in the day, but it certainly has an effect. Working until 10 pm through the week has me hooked on an afternoon cup of that drug every afternoon. And my breakfast is always accompanied by a mug of one of my favorite teas. I keep telling myself I need to wean off natures upper. But somehow that steamy goodness finds its way into my hand every single day.

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