So, April. That's the last time I posted. Yeah. I guess I fell off the wagon. But here I am, clinging to the hubcap and scrambling back on. No time like the present.

So what's new? I ran another two 5k's and a 10k and I'm nine days away from my first half marathon. No biggie. Or big biggie. I get them confused. Everyday I get more anxious, but mostly excited. It's not the distance that worries me - it's just the day and all it entails.

The Detroit half is a unique race which in part is why I chose to do it, along with my living just outside of the city for the past 7 years and in it for a year and a half before that. But the best part is, it doesn't just stay in Detroit.

Over the Ambassador Bridge you go, into Windsor, Canada and across the shoreline of the Detroit River. Then you need to come back to the US I suppose, but let's go in a different way. Let's go under the river this time through the tunnel. Okay.


The 7 am start is outside of my norm. The cold temps they're predicting is not what I've had to contend with on my 9 am runs (working afternoons has it's perks). And the thousands upon thousands of people both on the course and off will be a trip (word is when you enter Canada the spectators are insanely amazing. Of course they are. They're Canadian!)

So that's what's been going on. Amongst other things. But we can start there.


10/15/2013 6:39am

I think it's a BIG biggie! Good luck to you this weekend! It sounds like a very cool race. (I want to run around in Canada!)


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